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    Flange tee ball valve
  • Product standard : 
    GB50242、GB 50243、GB/T12237、GB/T 15185、GB/T 12224、GB/T17219
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    13968819659 13777786843

Product details

I. Description of product structure and characteristics

SFAQ, SFGQ series three-way ball valve adopts four-sided seat, integrated structure. apply

In liquid, gas, powder and other media confluence, diversion and distribution. Its operation is labor-saving and maintenance is convenient. Suitable for oil, chemical, electric power and other enterprises to transport a variety of gas, liquid, powder and other media on the pipeline, storage tank, container equipment confluence or splitter device. Its characteristics are:

1. According to the flow form, the valve is divided into “L type” (3 position 2 pass), “T type” (3 position 2 pass) two types. Among them, “L shape” can realize two switching functions of medium flow direction as shown in “Figure A”; “T type” can realize the medium shunt or mixed flow, such as “Figure B” four switching functions. You can choose one of them according to working conditions.

2. The valve seat is made of PTFE, and the valve has small group force and light switch.

3. The valve adopts three-body structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, convenient for site maintenance and replacement, unobstructed flow channel, small fluid resistance.

4. With anti-static structure, lower mounting valve stem and packing structure design, prevent valve stem from falling off, small volume to save installation space.

Ii. Performance and design Specifications:

1, pressure grade: PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4, (Mpa); ANSI 150, 300 LBS

2, nominal diameter: DN15-200; 1/2 “to 8”

3, applicable temperature: -29-150℃

4, suitable medium: carbon steel: suitable for water, steam, oil and other media

5, connection mode: flange connection according to JB, GB, HG, SH and ANSI B16.5, JIS, DIN and other standards;

Welding end: GB12224 and ANSI B 16.25; Thread connection: GB7306 and NPT

Iii. Pressure test: Acceptance standard according to JB/T9092 and API 598