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Let’s take a look at the classification introduction of stainless steel globe valve! !

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Wenzhou Longwan Junkai Valve Factory is located in Longwan, the valve capital of China. Is a professionalmanufacturer of stainless steel valves. The main products are: stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel Y-strainer, stainless steel flange, stainless steel mirror, stainless steel gate valve, stainless steel globe valve,stainless steel check valve, etc.The company has complete equipment, advanced technology and quality, scientific management, complete testingmeans, and has established a perfect quality assurance system. Equipped with advanced testing equipment such asphysical and chemical analysis, mechanical properties, water pressure, air pressure, flawdetection, etc., eachprocess from raw materials to finished products is inspected by special personnel to form a complete inspectionprocess.
Stainless steel globe valve can be divided into manual stainless steel globe valve, pneumatic stainless steelglobe valve, electric stainless steel globe valve. Stainless steel globe valve is a kind of material of globevalve, which has the characteristics of simple structure, good sealing performance and long service life.Generally applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, shipbuilding, food machinery and other industries.Stainless steel globe valves can be divided into two categories according to the channel and thread position ofthe globe valve, and then subdivided.
According to the direction of the stop valve channel:
1. Straight-through globe valve
2. DC globe valve: In the DC or Y-shaped globe valve, the valve body flow channel and the main flow channel area diagonal line, so that the damage degree under the flow state is smaller than that of the conventional globevalve, so the pressure loss through the valve is also small. .
3. Angle globe valve: In the angle globe valve, the fluid only needs to change direction once, so that the pressure drop through the valve is smaller than that of the conventional globe valve.
4. Plunger type globe valve: In the plunger type globe valve, the valve disc and valve seat are usually designedbased on the plunger principle. The valve disc is polished so that the plunger is connected with the valve stem,and the sealing is realized by two elastic sealing rings sleeved on the plunger. The two elastomeric seals are separated by a collar and hold the seal around the plunger by the load applied to the bonnet by the bonnet nut.Elastomeric seals can be made from a variety of materials and can therefore be replaced.
Classification according to the thread position of the globe valve:
1. Upper threaded stem globe valve: the thread is outside the valve body. The valve stem is not eroded by themedium and is easy to lubricate. This structure is relatively common.
2. Lower threaded stem globe valve: the thread is in the valve body. The threads on the valve stem are in directcontact with the medium and are susceptible to erosion and cannot be lubricated. This structure is mostly used inplaces with small caliber and low temperature.
In the face of fierce market competition, the company always takes creating excellent quality as its ownresponsibility, aiming at customer satisfaction, being sincere and trustworthy, and taking preferential prices as its principle, grasping the market policy of quality, promotion of management and development. The products sell
well in major cities in China, and have won the trust and praise of the majority of users. Here, we sincerely invite new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, inspect, supervise and negotiate business cooperation.At the same time, domestic and foreign customers are sincerely invited to visit and guide and participate in the
development of valve products.
According to the effective operation of the ISO9001 quality system, Junkai has established a perfect quality inspection agency and formed a perfect quality control network. With sophisticated process equipment, high-quality talents and service awareness, we ensure and improve the technical content of products and effectively protect the ultimate economic interests of users.
Junkai always pursues the tenet of “quality first, credit first”. To provide users with high-quality products and good and thoughtful after-sales service. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss cooperation and create brilliance together!