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The reason for the long service life of stainless steel ball valves!

Time : 2022-11-24 Visited :  104 次

Among the many characteristics of stainless steel ball valves, one is the long service life, so why can its service life be long? That’s because of its other features!
1. Quick opening and closing, convenient opening and closing
Generally, it only needs to turn the handle 90° to achieve the purpose of fully opening or fully closing, so it has the advantage of rapid opening and closing. The opening and closing time of some structures only needs 0.05~0.1 seconds to ensure that it can be used in the automation system of the test bench.
2. Small fluid resistance
3. Excellent sealing performance
Most ball valve seats are made of elastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, and the sealing pair composed of metal and non-metal materials is generally called soft seal. The soft seal has good sealing performance, and the requirements for the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the sealing surface are not very high.
4. Long service life
PTFE has good self-lubrication, and the wear between the ball and the ball is small. With the improvement of the ball processing technology, the roughness is reduced, so the service life of the ball valve is long.