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Wenzhou valve manufacturers share with you the anti-corrosion measures of stainless steel pipes!

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During the use of stainless steel pipes, anti-corrosion and anti-rust measures are inevitable. Although stainless steel pipes have certain corrosion resistance, they are not completely immune to rust and corrosion, so anti-corrosion measures are essential. The following Wenzhou valve manufacturers will introduce you to the anti-corrosion measures for stainless steel pipes.
First of all, before the anti-rust treatment of the stainless steel pipe, the oil, slag and rust on the inner surface of the stainless steel pipe should be cleaned up. The quality standard of the selected shot blasting derusting product reaches Sa2.5 level. After the anti-rust treatment, paint the surface of the stainless steel pipe, and the interval should not exceed 8 hours. When the reference surface is oiled, the reference surface should be kept dry, and the surface should be painted evenly and roundly without sticking and bubbling. Stainless steel The range of 150-250 mm on both sides of the pipe wall cannot be brushed. After the topcoat is dry, brush the paint and knot the fiberglass cloth, and the interval between brushing the topcoat should not exceed 24 hours.
The above is the process of anti-corrosion treatment measures for stainless steel pipes.