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What are the two selection criteria for selecting stainless steel ball valves?

Time : 2023-07-24 Visited :  90 次

The use of stainless steel ball valves is to rely on the rotation of the valve core to make the valve unblocked or blocked, which is also indispensable in the industry.
Today we mainly talk about the selection criteria of stainless steel ball valves, which are mainly divided into two categories:
1. Material selection standard
The material selection of stainless steel ball valve is very important to its application field. In general, it is necessary to select the corresponding type and material of stainless steel ball valve according to the type of medium, working conditions and other factors.
2. Size and performance selection criteria
The size and performance of stainless steel ball valves should be selected according to their actual use, including but not limited to considering medium flow, temperature, pressure, etc.
The above two points are the selection criteria for stainless steel ball valves.