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About some maintenance methods after the production of stainless steel ball valves

Time : 2023-08-10 Visited :  95 次

Do you know what maintenance measures should be done after the stainless steel ball valve is produced?
Stainless steel ball valves should not be in contact with other metal iron products as much as possible during production. In addition, the following aspects should be paid attention to.
1. After the finished blank is pickled, it should be washed clean. If there are sand holes or perforations, it should be welded with gas protection by argon arc welding, and then polished and solid solution treated.
2. After the finished product is processed and pressure tested, it should be washed with water added with anti-rust powder to prevent rust.
3. It is best to pack the stainless steel ball valve in a wooden box during transportation, and it is forbidden to contact with other metal products.
4. After the pipeline is installed, it should be maintained regularly. The specific method is to apply lubricating oil to the valve stem regularly, and open and close the valve several times appropriately, so that the valve stem, inner ball and sealing surface are not easy to assimilate.