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Quickly learn about the usage restrictions of stainless steel ball valves!

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Stainless steel ball valve is a kind of valve that is light in opening and closing and small in size. It mainly relies on the rotation of the ball around the center line of the valve body to achieve the opening and closing effect.
Let us understand the usage restrictions of stainless steel ball valves:
Temperature and pressure limits
1. The nameplate shows the maximum operating pressure allowed by the ball valve at the maximum and minimum operating temperatures.
2. Use valve seats and seals made of PTFE or RTFE, and the operating temperature should be controlled between -290C and 2000C. The operating temperatures of other types of valve seats and seals should be checked by the KI factory.
3. The nominal pressure rating of the valve can indicate the maximum working pressure of the valve under normal temperature conditions.
4. For precautions on electric or pneumatic actuators, please refer to their corresponding instructions.