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Let’s look at the structural form code of stainless steel ball valve

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Do you know the structural code of stainless steel ball valve? Relevant introductions are made below.
Floating stainless steel ball valve: 1 means straight flow, 2 means Y-shaped tee, 4 means L-shaped tee, 5 means T-shaped tee;
Fixed stainless steel ball valve: 0 means hemispherical straight-through, 6 means four-way flow channel, 7 means straight-through flow, 8 means L-shaped tee, 9 means Y-shaped tee;
Seal material code: B Babbitt alloy, F fluorine rubber, F46 fluorine lining, H stainless steel, J rubber lining, M Monel alloy, N nylon plastic, Monel P, Y carbide, W valve body direct processing;
Valve body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chromium molybdenum steel, P18-8 series stainless steel, RMo2Ti series stainless steel, S plastic.