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Stainless steel ball valve can be operated in this way to avoid rust

Time : 2024-05-07 Visited :  25 次

Stainless steel ball valves will inevitably come into contact with other metal iron products during production, so there is a chance of rusting. If we want to prevent stainless steel ball valves from rusting, we can intervene in the following ways.
1. After the blank is finished and pickled, it must be rinsed clean. If sand holes or perforations are found, gas shielded welding can be used with argon arc welding, followed by grinding and solution treatment.
2. After the finished product is processed and pressure tested, add anti-rust powder to water and rinse it.
3. When transporting stainless steel ball valves, it is best to pack them in wooden boxes so that they do not come into contact with metal products.
4. After installing the pipeline, regular maintenance should be carried out, such as frequently applying lubricating oil to the valve stem and opening and closing the valve appropriately several times.