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Which parts of stainless steel ball valves should be inspected frequently?

Time : 2024-05-17 Visited :  22 次

The use of stainless steel ball valves is indispensable for inspection. What should be checked specifically? The following will share relevant content with you:
1. Check whether the valve body, valve stem, sealing surface and other parts are damaged or loose.
2. Rotate the valve stem of the ball valve to the fully open or fully closed position before operation to avoid excessive damage to the valve stem.
3. If air leakage or liquid leakage is found, repair and replace it in time.
4. Do not switch on and off frequently during use to avoid affecting the sealing performance.
In addition, the installation of stainless steel ball valve is also very important, which will directly affect whether the subsequent use is normal, so you should pay attention to it.