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Sharing of cleaning steps before processing stainless steel ball valves

Time : 2024-07-09 Visited :  17 次

Before processing, stainless steel ball valves must be cleaned thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. So how exactly do we clean it?
1. Stainless steel ball valves should be polished on some parts according to processing requirements, and there should be no machining burrs on the surface.
2. All components shall be degreased.
3. After degreasing treatment, perform acid pickling and passivation treatment.
4. After pickling and passivation, rinse with pure water until there is no residue of chemicals.
5. Dry the components one by one with non-woven fabric, and do not leave any loose threads. Clean nitrogen gas can also be used to blow dry.
6. Use non-woven fabric or precision filter paper dipped in analytical pure alcohol to scrub the components one by one until the surface is free of dirt and color.