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    Daily standard filter
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Product overview
American standard Y-type filter is a small equipment to remove solids from liquids.Can protect the compressor,
pump and other equipment and instruments and other normal work and operation,To stabilize the process
and ensure safety. In addition to improving productionThe quality of the product also has a very heavy
significance,Y series filter is suitable for steam,Air, kerosene, water, weakly corrosive gas, liquid.Features: fast flow,
so the pressure loss is small, strong pollution resistance, convenient slag discharge.

The technical requirements
1. Manufacture and acceptance according to ANSI B16.5.
2. Casting technical requirements according to ASTM Cf8 F304.
3. Specification of API 598 for valve inspection and testing.
4. Flange connection dimensions according to ASME/ANSI-16.5