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  • Product name : 
    American Standard Filter
  • Product standard : 
    HG/T21637 GB/12221 JB/79 JB/9092 GB/12220 JB/t7928
  • Product material : 
    stainless steel
  • Tel : 
    13968819659 13777786843

Product overview
The daily standard filter is an indispensable device in the pipeline series of conveying medium.Usually installed in the
pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, constant water valve or other equipment at the entranceEnd, used to eliminate
impurities in the medium to protect the normal operation of valves and equipmentTo use. The filter has the advantages of
advanced structure, small resistance and convenient sewage discharge.Applicable media can be water, oil, gas.
Can be made according to user’s requirements, the outsideType is basically the same (Y type), all the internal
parts are made of stainless steel, durable.When cleaning is required, simply remove the detachable cartridge and
remove the impurities filtered outAfter quality, reload can be, use and maintenance is very convenient. The filter is small
in shape,Fine filter, small resistance, high effect, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, and sewageShort time,
for the general small model, only 5-10 minutes. The general water network is18-30 mesh /cm2, ventilation
mesh 40-100 mesh /cm2,The oil network is 100-300 mesh /cm2.

The technical requirements
1. Manufacture and acceptance according to JIS B2074.
2. The flange connection of the valve is in accordance with JIS B22122.
3. The valve length is in accordance with JIS B2002(20).