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Differences in manufacturing process between elbow and elbow

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Differences in manufacturing process between elbow and elbow
The essential difference between elbow and elbow is mainly the difference between “head” and “pipe”. In addition, there are great differences in manufacturing technology.
Elbow is a commonly used connecting pipe fitting in plumbing installation. It is used for the connection at the bend of the pipeline and to change the direction of the pipeline. It is used to connect two pipes with the same or different nominal diameter to make the pipeline turn 90 °, 45 °, 180 ° and various degrees.
The following is a brief introduction to the differences in manufacturing process between elbow and elbow:
1. The elbow is shorter than the elbow. R = 1 to 2 times is the elbow, and the larger multiple is called the elbow.
2. The cold bend can be bent by the ready-made straight pipe bender, and the secondary anti-corrosion is not required for one-time completion. However, the elbow should be customized by the manufacturer, anti-corrosion should be done, and the ordering cycle is long.
3. The price of elbow is higher than that of elbow, but the cost performance is much higher than that of elbow. The elbow without anti-corrosion treatment is easy to be damaged, but it is widely used in some projects with low requirements because of its low price. Therefore, due to the different performance and price between elbow and elbow, attention must be paid to the selection.