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Can steel pipes take the place of threaded stainless steel pipes

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The cost and price of threaded stainless steel pipes on the market are relatively high. In order to reduce costs, some people may choose to use pure steel pipes instead of threaded stainless steel pipes, because the price of steel pipes is relatively much lower.
So, can steel pipes really take the place of threaded stainless steel pipes?
In fact, if the installation environment is soft, it is feasible to replace threaded stainless steel pipes with steel pipes, but if the installation environment needs to pass through relatively hard media, such as walls, rocks, etc., then ordinary steel pipes cannot be used instead.
This is because when the pipeline transports the liquid in circulation, it will have an impact on the pipe wall, causing the pipe wall and rock and other hard substances to vibrate. If the vibration amplitude is too large, it is easy to cause the pipe wall to break, cracks and so on.
The threaded stainless steel pipe is a spiral design, which can effectively reduce the transportation pressure of the pipeline. Three metal columns are also arranged around it, which can effectively avoid the direct contact between the pipeline and the installation environment, reduce the impact force of the pipeline, and effectively improve the service life.
Therefore, steel pipes cannot replace the status of threaded stainless steel pipes.
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