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How many of these advantages do you know about threaded stainless steel pipe fittings?

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Wenzhou Longwan Junkai Valve Factory is located in Longwan, the valve capital of China. Is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel valves. The main products are: stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel Y-strainer, stainless steel flange, stainless steel mirror, stainless steel gate valve, stainless steel globe valve, stainless steel check valve, etc.
Our company also produces threaded stainless steel pipes, so have you heard about the advantages of threaded stainless steel pipe fittings? The following Junkai Valve will introduce to you:
1. Compact structure
Threaded stainless steel pipe fittings have a large heat transfer area per unit volume and a high overall heat transfer coefficient, so the floor area is small, saving materials and space.
2. High heat transfer coefficient
Threaded stainless steel pipe fittings are heat transfer elements combined with internal and external threads made of copper or stainless steel with high thermal conductivity. The threaded pipe heat exchanger made from it will form strong turbulent flow when the fluid resistance is large. , which greatly improves the heat release coefficient inside and outside the tube.
3. Not easy to scale
Because of its special concave-convex structure, the inside and outside of the tube has a multi-layered and rotating scouring effect, plus the thermal expansion and contraction of the tube, no impurities will remain on the inside and outside of the tube wall.
4. Not easy to leak
Because of its short sealing perimeter, the thick thread of the threaded pipe is similar to an expansion joint, which has the ability to compensate itself, and the heat exchanger has small thermal stress and is not easy to leak.
The advantages of threaded stainless steel pipe fittings are briefly introduced here. If you are interested, you can come to buy offline. Our factory always adheres to the tenet of “quality first, reputation first”. Provide users with high-quality products and good and thoughtful after-sales service. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss cooperation and create brilliance together!