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Explain in detail the matters before and after the assembly of stainless steel ball valves

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What are the precautions before and after the installation of stainless steel ball valves that our users need to know in advance?
Before the stainless steel ball valve is installed, its parts should undergo some treatment. The following is the specific treatment.
1. Due to processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and no processing burrs are left on the surface.
2. All parts should be degreased.
3. Pickling and passivation should be carried out after the degreasing is completed. (cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus)
4. After pickling and passivation treatment, rinse with pure water to ensure that there is no chemical residue.
5. Dry each part with a non-woven cloth to ensure that the wireless wool remains on the surface of the part, or blow dry with clean nitrogen.
6. Wipe each part with non-woven cloth or precision filter paper with pure alcohol until there is no dirty color.
The corresponding assembly can only be carried out after these treatments are completed.
Testing requirements for stainless steel ball valves:
1. After assembly, the stainless steel ball valve should be purged with nitrogen for at least one minute.
2. The airtight test must use pure nitrogen.
3. After the airtight test is passed, it shall be sealed and sealed with a clean polyethylene cap. The polyethylene cap shall be soaked in an organic solvent before use, and then wiped dry.
4. Seal with vacuum bag.
5. Boxing.
6. Care must be taken during transportation to ensure that the package is not damaged.
The above are the precautions before and after the assembly of stainless steel ball valves.