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What are the measures to avoid rust in the production of stainless steel ball valves?

Time : 2023-03-29 Visited :  93 次

When producing stainless steel ball valves, we will find that stainless steel ball valves cannot avoid contact with other metal iron products in the process. Then this can easily lead to rust.
So how to avoid rusting of stainless steel ball valves during production and use? Junkai Valve will tell you the answer below.
1. After pickling the finished blank, rinse it with water. If it is found that there are sand holes or perforations on the surface, use argon arc welding to weld it with gas protection, and then pass grinding and solid solution treatment.
2. After the finished product is processed and pressure tested, it can be cleaned with water added with anti-rust powder. It has a certain anti-rust effect.
3. Pack the stainless steel ball valve in wooden boxes as much as possible during transportation.
4. After the pipeline is installed, it should be maintained regularly. Apply lubricating oil to the valve stem frequently, and open and close the valve several times properly, so that the inner ball, valve stem and sealing surface are not easy to assimilate.
The maintenance of stainless steel ball valves is also very important and cannot be ignored. Good maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of the product.