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How many structural forms are there for stainless steel ball valves? ?

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How much do you know about the structure of stainless steel ball valves? How many structural forms are there for stainless steel ball valves? The following Junkai Valve will take you to understand!
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There are three different structural forms of stainless steel ball valves.
One is a floating ball valve. The floating ball valve means that its ball is floating, and it will produce a certain displacement under the action of the medium pressure, which is pressed tightly on the sealing surface of the outlet end to ensure the seal of the outlet end. This type of structure is simple in structure and has good sealing performance, but the load of the sphere bearing the working medium is transmitted to the outlet sealing ring, so it is necessary to consider in advance whether the material of the sealing ring can withstand the working load of the sphere medium. Floating ball valves are widely used in medium and low pressure ball valves.
One is a fixed ball valve. The fixed ball valve means that the ball is fixed and will not move after being subjected to medium pressure. It has a floating valve seat, which will move when receiving medium pressure, so that the sealing ring is pressed tightly on the ball to ensure sealing. The secondary structure is suitable for high pressure and large diameter valves. Usually, bearings are installed on the upper and lower shafts of the ball, which has the advantage of small operating torque.
There is also a flexible ball valve. The ball of the elastic ball valve is elastic, the ball and the sealing ring of the valve seat are made of metal, the sealing specific pressure is high, and the medium pressure alone cannot meet the sealing requirements, and an external force must be applied. This structural valve is suitable for high pressure and high temperature media.
The above is the classification introduction of the structure of stainless steel ball valve.