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How should stainless steel ball valves be maintained during use?

Time : 2023-04-08 Visited :  93 次

Stainless steel ball valves have some maintenance requirements and details that we need to master during use. Only by using and operating reasonably can their life be better extended. Then follow Junkai Valve to understand the maintenance methods of stainless steel ball valves!
1. When cleaning the stainless steel ball valve, the grease, dirt, glue and dust attached to the surface should be cleaned first.
2. Metal parts can be cleaned with gasoline, and non-metal parts can be washed with pure water or alcohol.
3. Metal parts should be taken out of the cleaning solution immediately after washing, and long-term soaking is prohibited.
4. When the stainless steel ball valve is disassembled and reassembled, care should be taken to prevent damage to the sealing surface of the parts, especially the non-metallic parts. It is best to use special tools to operate when taking out the O-ring.
5. For new parts, they should also be cleaned before assembly.
6. The lubricating grease used should be compatible with the metal material, rubber pad, plastic parts and working medium of the stainless steel ball valve.
7. Normal working conditions, maintaining a harmonious temperature/pressure ratio.
8. When the stainless steel ball valve is in the closed state, there is still pressurized fluid inside the valve body. Before maintenance, the pipeline pressure is relieved and the valve is in the open position.
9. After confirming that the pressure of the downstream pipeline has been removed, it can be disassembled.
10. If there is a slight leak at the packing, the stem nut must be locked, but not too tight, as long as the leak can be stopped.