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Let’s get to know the description of each model of stainless steel ball valve!

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Stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in pipelines for cutting and distributing and changing the direction of medium flow. At present, stainless steel ball valves are a new type of valves that are widely used. It relies on rotating the spool 90° to realize the unblocked or blocked valve, and only a small rotational torque can be used to close the valve tightly.
Regarding the various models of stainless steel ball valves, let’s get to know them together:
①Ball valve driving mode code:
2 means electro-hydraulic; 3 means turbine; 6 means pneumatic; 7 means hydraulic; 9 means electric
②Floating ball valve connection code:
1 means straight through; 2 means Y type tee; 4 means L type tee; 5 means T type tee
③Ball valve body material code:
A titanium and titanium alloy; C carbon steel; I chromium molybdenum steel; P18-8 stainless steel; RM02Ti stainless steel; S plastic
④ Fixed ball valve connection code:
0 means hemisphere straight through; 6 means four way flow channel; 7 means straight flow channel; 8 means L type tee; 9 means Y type tee
⑤Ball valve function code:
V means with V-shaped structure; D means low temperature; B means heat preservation; P means eccentric structure; U, S and D/Y both mean top loading
⑥Ball valve sealing material code:
F polytetrafluoroethylene; F46 fluorine lining; H rust steel; J rubber lining; M Monel alloy; N nylon plastic; P Monel; Y hard alloy; W valve body direct processing