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What details should be paid attention to in the installation of stainless steel ball valves?

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Do you know what details should be paid attention to in the installation of stainless steel ball valves? Next, Junkai Valve will share the introduction with you.
Wenzhou Longwan Junkai Valve Factory is located in Longwan, the valve capital of China. Is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel valves. The main products are: stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel Y-type filter, stainless steel flange, stainless steel mirror, stainless steel gate valve, stainless steel globe valve, stainless steel check valve, etc.
1) It should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline.
2) After connecting with the pipeline, use the specified torque to tighten the flange connection bolts.
3) Remove the protective covers on both sides of the flange end, and rinse and clean with the valve open.
4) Do not use the actuator part of the valve as a lifting point during installation to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories.
5) Before connecting to the pipeline, the pipeline must be cleaned to remove residual impurities and avoid damage to the valve seat and ball.
6) The pipeline near the installation point must not be drooping or subjected to external force. The explosion-proof fire-retardant breathing valve can use pipeline brackets or supports to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline.
7) Before installing the ball valve, test the whole machine according to the specified signal to prevent the performance from being affected by the vibration caused by transportation. Only after passing the test can it be installed online.
The above points are some of the installation details of the stainless steel ball valve.