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How to maintain stainless steel ball valves?

Time : 2023-11-10 Visited :  54 次

The maintenance of stainless steel ball valves is very important, related to its performance and life, so it cannot be ignored. Let’s introduce what maintenance should be done for stainless steel ball valves?
1. The rough finished product must be rinsed after pickling. If perforations or sand holes are found, use argon arc welding to weld them with gas protection and then polish them, and then complete solution treatment.
2. Finished product, after processing and pressure test, rinse with water soaked with anti-rust powder.
3. It should be packed and transported in wooden boxes and should not come into contact with metal products.
4. Perform regular maintenance after installing the pipeline: frequently apply lubricating oil to the valve stem; open and close the valve appropriately several times to make the interior different.