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What should we pay attention to when installing stainless steel ball valves?

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Wenzhou Longwan Junkai Valve is a manufacturer specializing in the production of stainless steel valves. The main products are: stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel Y-type filters, stainless steel flanges, stainless steel mirrors, stainless steel gate valves, stainless steel stop valves, stainless steel check valves, etc.
Below Junkai Valve will share with you the installation precautions for stainless steel ball valves:
① Clean the stainless steel ball valve and pipes to ensure that the surface is clean and free of impurities, oil stains and other defects.
② Align the stainless steel ball valve and the pipe flange respectively, connect them tightly with flange bolts and tighten the bolts one by one.
③ Connect the valve stem head of the ball valve to the operating device to facilitate operation.
④ Apply a sealing gasket on the sealing surface between the ball valve and the pipe to ensure the smoothness and tightness of the sealing surface.
⑤ Check whether the installation of the stainless steel ball valve meets the requirements, especially whether the flange connection is precise and whether the sealing is good.