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Sharing of key points to note when installing stainless steel ball valves

Time : 2023-12-11 Visited :  75 次

The installation of stainless steel ball valves is not difficult, but the key points that need to be noted need to be known before operation. The specific ones are listed below:
1. During installation, the pipeline of the stainless steel ball valve is generally not allowed to be too high from the ground. When the pipeline height is greater than 2 meters, a platform should be set up as much as possible to facilitate the operation of the handwheel and subsequent maintenance work.
2. Before installation, the pipelines should be cleaned to remove welding slag and dirt. After installation, it should be ensured that no impurities remain in the valve body, and the valves should be cleaned twice. That is, all valves should be opened when the medium is introduced to avoid impurities getting stuck. In addition, the stainless steel ball valve should return to its original neutral position after using the handwheel mechanism.
3. The stainless steel ball valve should be connected to the power line and control line according to the instructions, and the protective cover can be changed before it can be powered on. If you need to open the cover, follow the principle of cutting off the power first and then opening the cover to avoid losses.
4. Stainless steel ball valves are field instruments and require an ambient temperature of -25~60°C.
5. Stainless steel ball valves are usually installed vertically and can be tilted only in special circumstances.