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Share with you the maintenance process of flange ball valves

Time : 2023-12-15 Visited :  58 次

It is very important to maintain the flange ball valve during use, because it is related to its normal use. Below Junkai Valve will share with you the maintenance process of flange ball valves.
1. Check the bolts and connections of each bracket and connection of the flange ball valve to eliminate looseness.
2. Check the key parts of the flange ball valve: packing gland, expansion joint, valve cover and valve body connection, etc., and eliminate abnormal conditions.
3. Check the valve switch indicator plate and valve number plate to ensure that the signs are clear. If the signs are found to be damaged or fallen off, they should be subsidized in time.
4. In addition to daily inspections, flange ball valves should also undergo major maintenance once a year.